Monday, April 10, 2017

inspirational reorientation

Thanks to Marianne and Tone for two inspiring and interesting takes on reorientation.

Some of the texts, people and references mentioned:
Gilles Clément's The Third Landscape 
Of Other Spaces - Heterotopias by Michel Foucault (available in the studio library)
The two landscapes of Northern Norway by Jakob Meløe (available in the studio library)

Trude Borch has generously shared some articles and papers on her research on fishing tourism:
Contested coastal commercialisation (Mast vol 8, 2009)
Marine Fishing Tourism in Norway: Structure and Economic Effects (Økonomisk fiskeriforskning, 2011)
Fishing tourists release small cod (Nofima, 2013)
Food souvenirs: buying behaviour of tourists in Norway (British food journal, 2016)
Making Norway more capable of receiving tourists (Nofima, 2014)
Prioritize places with highest tourism potential (Nofima, 2013)
Tourists reporting fish catches (Nofima, 2014)
(full list of links available in the studio library)

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